Our Process

The Collaborative Law Process

The Collaborative Law Process offers you and your spouse or partner the support, protection, and guidance from your own attorneys without the threat of going to court. It allows you to divorce with dignity and enter into a peaceful resolution ‐ while working with Professionals to address all important areas of your life.
The core elements of forming your contractual commitments to commence this highly successful and voluntary dispute resolution process involves all parties and their respective attorneys signing a contractual agreement ‐ which sets forth that both parties will:

  • Maintain open and honest communication and disclose all information which is relevant and material to the issues that need to be decided;
  • Create shared solutions acknowledging the highest priorities of all;
  • Agree to be represented by an attorney whose representation terminates if either party undertakes any contested court proceedings;
  • Agree to jointly utilize any Professionals that may be necessary to assist the parties in resolving their issues, if applicable; and
  • Negotiate a mutually acceptable and legal settlement agreement without having courts decide your issues.

The Collaborative Law Process involves the parties and their attorneys meeting for face to face discussions, outside of the courtroom:

  • To exchange information regarding your assets, debts, sources, and amounts of income and any other information important to you and your family;
  • To discuss the needs of any children and give their needs priority;
  • To discuss your case with other Professionals on the team, such as Divorce Coaches, Child Specialists, Mediators, Appraisers and Financial Specialists, to assist the parties in obtaining information or developing options for resolution, if necessary to your specific case;
  • To review and finalize the legal settlement agreements prepared by your respective attorneys reflecting your mutual resolution.